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Multi-device application

Task tracker is an internal application to manage tickets and tasks in the company. It is similar to other task management system but every function is tailored-made to fit the company desires. nothing more or less.


Sign up / Sign in system

The system of managing users is manually managed by an Admin. Users are able to sign up step by step like other regular platform. After signing up and getting approval by Admin, users will receive an email to activate their account.

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Task management and more

The application helps to simplify and standardize the team’s work process in an intuitive way. It is organized by different boards or projects; in each board, there are different cards which is categorized in various status of the project.

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Personalize user’s ability

There are different types of abilities that users can be permitted to perform on the platform. It is depending on users’ roles in each project which can be altered anytime by Admin.

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New board

Switching from manual work flow to digital management tool can be a challenge for the organization. Therefore, we try to keep all layout as simple as possible. When creating a board, there are 3 main elements: the name, who are you sharing it with, and status the tasks for the work flow.

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Task’s details and activities

In task details, users can generally modify its status, assignee, time and date of the deadline, subtask, attachment, comment and activities log.

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User management

A feature only available for Admin who will be able to control or modify member’s information when needed. Additionally, Admin will be able to see and modify all the projects that a member is currently active in.

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Calendar synchronization with Google

Task tracker includes as well a calendar to present all the deadlines of tasks (if deadlines were set) in which a member is assigned. Not only that, users can simply synchronize those deadlines to their Google calendar app for a better visualization.
The application is still growing everyday to add more features as the company grows.

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