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Ôn thi GPLX B2



HuyHieuPro Company Limited



It is more than just Ôn thi GPLX

The application is designed to not only facilitate learning and testing driving theory. But also to allows users to book their practices in a real environment, renting car, apply for the theoretical test and searching for their identification number with Lac Hong learning center. Meanwhile, administrators are also able to manage all of these tasks and information in both web and mobile application.


All features are integrated

Back office features include the list of applicants who apply to learn practices in the center, list of students who wish to apply for the exam, list of feedbacks and comments reported from the app, list of car rental requests, class schedueling and mobile notification


Class scheduling

Through class scheduling, availability is verified when Admin input the class vacancy. Class list is then generated automatically for each day accordingly when learners book their slots through the application.


Notification mobile

Admin is able to send real time push notification to users (members and/or non members). All announcements are saved and tracked via a centralized application


Identification number research

An additional feature of this web application is when you become learner, the center will assist you to register for National exam when you’re ready. A identification number is essential for learner to be able to attend the exam. Instead of search physically at the Registration center, you can now look it up on the Lac Hong website directly.


A free application for everyone

The application is available through Apple and Play Store free of charge. Users can study and follow up their progress simply from their phone with or without internet.


Theory and Blank test

There are study mode and blank test mode for users to evaluate their progress. Different exam questions are available with similar condition to a real national test.


Easy access from your phone

Aside from learning theory, users are able to register and reserve a practical course at the center as well as rent a car at this establishment.
Moreover, there is a learning tip section which helps to memorize the theory. And another section where you can check all the questions you have been choosing wrong, so that you can easily review it.


Simpler process for learner

The process of taking national exam has never been easy. Nonetheless, with this application, learning theory, taking practical courses and register for the exam can not be simpler with Ôn thi GPLX B2 of Lac Hong Center.

135 Nguyễn Thị Nhung, Hiệp Bình Phước, Thủ Đức, Tp Hồ Chí Minh.